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I've always been interested in music but haven't tried making any of it until recently. The following are my distinctly amateur attempts -- I do this because it's fun, not because I am good at it.

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These songs were arranged and mixed using Ableton Live, some with bits I wrote and some with a variety of samples and loops.

Pew Pew

November 13, 2020 “Pew Pew” is one chord progression played through different instruments using different arpeggiated patterns. It was largely written during an anxiety-filled weekend before the 2020 US Presidential elections. I think… there’s a lot of stuff I might do differently next time.

Zap Steps Out

February 20, 2020 “Zap Steps Out” is a song I arranged using loops, although I did a bit of dicing. The end result makes me think of Zap Rowsdower getting dressed for an optimistic night on the town.

Pants are Up

June 6, 2019 - “Pants Are Up” is the result of me getting impatient with the fundamentals and pushing through to a finished song just so I could say I finished a song at some point. If you watched a lot of PBS broadcasts of British sitcoms in the 90s you will probably recognize some of the samples…


These are less listenable but might be interesting.

The Crazy Uncle Room Session (Live)

December 29, 2019 I recorded all three of these live in a tiny basement “studio” in my house, running various equipment through a mixing board to the Korg Monotron Delay I wrote about and back.

Cassie Oh, No!

The first thing I knew I had to try was piping my Casio VL-Tone through the Monotron Delay. The VL-Tone has a very staccato analog voice that suits the Monotron Delay nicely.

Bad Night at Encom

This is the result of pulling up a preset session on a Novation Circuit groovebox (which I haven’t written about yet) and doing some jamming on both it and the Monotron Delay. The result reminded me of Tron for some reason.

Memories of Pants Past

So many songs about pants. The person you hear speaking in this clip is LBJ. He is ordering pants from Joe Haggar. For an intact version and transcript, see American Public Media.

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