Above: Sometimes our best work is the work we can’t show. Photo by Stefan Steinbauer on Unsplash

Anonymous Biotech Firm

A long-running engagement with a biotech company involved a lot of interesting work I can only discuss in the most vague terms.

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For the past ten years I have often been called upon to do front-end work for a biotech company. Unfortunately, this work was done under a very strict NDA, so I am unable to provide screenshots or discuss the work in detail, but all of the projects were scientific visualization with data interactivity.

This is a generic laboratory scene and probably has nothing to do with activities that happened as a result of the software I was writing. Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

The earliest versions were build using Flex, ActionScript’s development environment for the Flash player, and the Maté framework. Once Flash lost its charm, a new — and far more interactive — version of the product was created using Angular and D3js. Several years later the project was re-implemented in React with a speedier D3js implementation.

Although I didn’t get much to show others from this project, I did get to write a small tutorial about dragging-and-dropping on SVG, and my experience with D3 led to a three-hour workshop I conducted for HighEdWeb in Buffalo and Fluent 2014 in San Francisco.


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