Above: The aftermath of a KJ planning session with a client.

Current Projects

Here are the current projects I am involved with. All of these anticipate a launch in 2020.

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Pomona College D8 Re-implementation

Screenshot of the Pomona College web site as it exists in January 2020.

Pomona College is upgrading from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, keeping the existing design in place. The existing design is several years old, and the current implementation had many compromises and deviations from best practice in order to support browsers as old as IE9. Responsive behavior and accessibility concerns were addressed ex post facto by the client using a variety of Javascript and CSS patches introduced through Javascript and CSS Injectors. The goals of the upgrade are to

  • systematize the existing design
  • build responsiveness and accessibility in from the beginning
  • use modern markup and CSS strategies

This amounts to a complete re-implementation with a normalization of the existing design.

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Screenshot of the Pomona Museum of Art site as it exists in January 2020.

Pomona College Museum of Art

Since the main Pomona web presence is migrating from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, the Pomona Museum has to come with. Unlike the main site, however, the new site is being redesigned to coincide with a new name and a new building on campus. The new site will have a modern, “brutalist” design and has been carefully engineered to automate as much of the content as possible, leaving most of the editorial focus on the museum’s events and exhibits where they belong.

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